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Project Lead the Way

STEM lab photo album by clicking the picture below. Pictures will be updated weekly. Enjoy!

1st Grade PLTW

Maple PLTW Course Offerings: 


- Living and Nonliving Things
- Floating and Sinking


- Living Things: Needs and Impacts
- Structure and Function: Human Body
- Sunlight and Weather

1st Grade:

- Light: Observing the Sun, Moon, and Stars
- Animal Adaptations

2nd Grade:

- The Changing Earth
- Living Things: Diversity of Life
- Grids and Games

3rd Grade:

- Weather: Factors and Hazards
_ Stability and Motion: Forces and Interactions
- LEGO WeDo (Not PLTW)

4th Grade:

- Energy: Collisions
- Organisms: Structure and Function

5th Grade:

- Infection: Detection
- Infection: Modeling and Simulation
- Robotics and Automation (VEX IQ)
- LEGO Mindstorms (Not PLTW)

6th-8th Grades: PLTW Gateway

- Automation and Robotics
- Design and Modeling

Press and Announcements

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Maple School's, Mr. Cranfill, Wins Two PLTW Awards
Maple School's, Mr. Cranfill, Wins Two PLTW Awards
Shafter Press: Maple School Leading the Way For Students